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Installation of Cloud Management Gateway (CMG)

MECM Installation series The installation and configuration of a full MECM setup is a complex hence time consuming activity.I have slides these steps in multiple blog articles to create a better overview Prerequisites Make sure before you start the following four Azure Resource Provider are enabled for your Azure subscription: If you forget about this, you will get (strange) error during the CMG Deployment task, see the appendix for these errors Configuration of CMG Azure […]

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Setup a Modern Workplace using Intune via Autopilot

This post will describe how you setup Intune (MEM) via Autopilot. Pre-requisites Make sure you have checked the following things: Setup basics Domain DNS TXT records Configure the domain name and required DNS TXT records.You can follow the steps described on User and licenses Create a test user on your on-prem AD environment.We need a AD users, as we want to create a co-managed MECM environment, on which we want to publish MECM application to […]

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