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Installation of a Root Authority for MECM with CMG

MECM Installation series The installation and configuration of a full MECM setup is a complex hence time consuming activity.I have slides these steps in multiple blog articles to create a better overview Introduction We will need certificates for the following MECM related components: MECM Required certificates Now this is getting interesting and potential difficult, as MECM presents you with different http/https/PKI options and if one is set wrong you will end up with issues which […]

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Installation of MECM 2207 with CMG

Introduction This article will describe a full installation from scratch for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager 2207 for a co-managed environment via a Cloud Management Gateway for Modern Workplace devices. More information can always be found on the MECM Microsoft learn site: High Level Solution Overview The High Level Solution provides the following: Device enrolled via Intune and AAD joined only Mandatory applications for (all) devices installed via Intune via the ESP (Optional) applications installed […]

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